torsdag 19. april 2012

new unit

We have now started a new unit called Cubism.
This will be a unit that will be heavily insired by Picasso, and we have tried to create our own first cubism-paintings(only drawing the outline).
the first one i think was the most successful, as it had my full attention all the time, this making me more focused on the final product.

onsdag 18. april 2012

Finished unit

The unit is now finished, and i am fairly happy with what i got.
My tesselation is called Cat and looks like something close to theviral Nyan-Cat. for me, at least.
overall, i think this unit was a successful one although one of my prints messed up and got lost.

i saw some flaws in the imprinting in the sense that some of the different marks were covered in paint, making the sahe not as clear.


onsdag 28. mars 2012


las lesson, i found that i had lost my template for the shape, and after a lot of re-thinking and considering, i decided to create a new one. this ine i left out to my imagination and cut out some random shapes and decided to make the outcome a cat.

not much else hapened this lesson...

onsdag 21. mars 2012

now that we have started a new unit called ..., we can now start to use our imagination in a proper way.
this time, i have realy set my mind free and decided to make something... random :)
i drew random lines, and cut them out. i then let my mind free and saw a flying bison. ithen used this shape and cut it out in ...
first time we tried this, in the lesson two weeks ago, we did this just as a practise using paper only, and drawing the shape out on paper.

onsdag 7. september 2011



This is M. C. Escher (1898-1972).

He was one of the more famous artists in history, with painting's such as the one you can see above.
M. C. Escher is also the artist behind ''Ascending and Descending''. This is only one of his many so-called 'impossible structures'.

He made 448 lithographs and over 2000 pictures, much like one of the most famous painter, Leonardo Da Vinchi.

torsdag 25. august 2011

Homework - Lesson 2

research a person that made a self-portrait

Lesson 2

i chose to use my profile picture and a picture pf Morgan Freeman.

the picture i chose to use in my assessment

the picture i chose to use for Morgan Freeman.
I chose Morgan Freeman because he's a cool guy in all the movies he has been in, and he is sort of a scientist.

i have made the grid on both the A3 paper and the picture of me.